Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Welcome Back!

Well today is a very very good day for me (probably not for Chaps)!
Today, I tried once again to get the internet working at the beach house, and finally - success! I guessed the password on a security enabled wireless network (that sounds so dorky), and guessed right! I guess you aren't being too sneaky when your password is "graytonbeach." Anyways, I've never been so happy! Except maybe when Chappell was born... or when I got married? Heh... I'm hilarious.
I am so excited to have something to do while Chappell naps. I hate TV, so this really is the best news ever! I'm about to start postin'!

Please see below.
Chappell loves Publix.


Coley said...

That's so funny that you put her in the cart with all of the groceries!! Love the pics!! Wush you updated daily, I love looking at Chappell!

Anonymous said...

I know. Me too! She is SO CUTE! I'm completely obsessed with her. Thank god you're back online! It had been forever! Keep em coming...

Caitlin said...

thank god for your guessing skills! i have been craving some blog from you.

do you think thats safe? to put her in the cart with all of those groceries? hahahahaha! its hilarious

Holland said...

hmmm.. i don't know if it's safe, but it seem safer than putting her carrier on the handles... i've seen people do that and it freaks me out!

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