Tuesday, February 3, 2009

All moved out

So we're all moved out of 2921 Leland Road. So sad/happy - all at the same time. We drove up to Bham on Friday afternoon... arrived a little after 10, and packed till almost 2 am! We left Grayton around 4, but stopped in Ozark to drop little Chappell off with Emily and Buddy for the night. It was her first night away from us - and I hated every minute of it! I knew she would be fine, but I still didn't like it one bit. It would've been nearly impossible to get the house packed up with her there. Saturday morning the movers came and packed up the house. It was so weird to see the house completely empty. We're all set to close February 13th. Time to find a new house!


Sarah said...

i still can't believe that kid is yours.

Holland said...

haha yup. all mine.

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