Sunday, September 7, 2008

26 Weeks

What a busy weekend! It started out w/ Mary Carolyn coming in town to try on her wedding dress at the Carriage House Friday afternoon. Smithers and I got to go with her- the dress was absolutely gorgeous! BTW, MC is so tiny-- I felt like a giant whale next to her.
Friday night was Russell's co-ed baby shower at Marlee's house. It was a lot of fun and she got some good loot. I would post pics, but of course I forgot to take any... I will try to poach some from others and post later.
Saturday followed with two more parties: a one-year-old birthday party at 11AM and Reed's annual Hammer Boil (we got there at 5:30PM). Also a lot of fun-- but left me feeling a little exhausted today. I stuck it out until 11PM- and then coaxed Reed home w/ a 4th meal from Taco Bell. It actually didn't even take much "coaxing." Once fast food was mentioned, he seemed more than ready to go.
Ferrill came over for lunch today (on her way back to Atlanta from a wedding) which was rather exciting! I got to see two of my favorite P-colians this weekend which was of course really great. Sorry this blog is both boring and a grammatical nightmare. It's 6:30 and we've only left the house once today to get some gator-aide. I feel hung over but of course I'm not. More later!

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