Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Lil' Door Sign

Here's a little sign I made for Chappell's room. The lettering still needs some work, but you get the general idea! The picture's a little dark- you can't really see the green vines on the top.

Just to update, I failed my first glucose test. Now I have to take the longer test (3 hours, 4 pricks) on Monday morning. I have a friend who failed the first test, then passed the second. Let's hope that is the case with me! Since I hate needles so much, my mom is coming to Birmingham to go with me. Poor Reed feels bad, but has to be in Montgomery that day for a hearing. She's staying until Friday morning, so I think we're going to jump-start the nursery!


Sarah said...

Precious, Ho! Sorry you have to take the long test, but hopefully you'll pass this time. Even if you don't...the diet can't be that bad, right? This is so weird. So you get some disease just from being pregnant? Weird!

Tell Reedo good luck in Monkey Town.

Holland said...

yeah- i better pass next time! i didn't fail by much, so hopefully it was just a fluke. you just can't eat carbs if you have gestational diabetes, then it goes away after the baby. still-- i love carbs!!

Coley said...

Hi Holly and Reed! I love the crib and the g'rents house! It's beautiful! Bummer you didn't pass a test, but it's common, so don't fret! Anyway, good luck on passing again so you can still chow down some rolls and pasta :)

Love you both!! Wow - can't believe she is almost here!!

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