Tuesday, September 23, 2008

28 Weeks, 2 Days

Well, Big Al is here-  she got here this weekend and is running me around like a chicken w/ its head cut off.  In fact I'll probably get in trouble for doing this now... and most definitely when she reads this later.  
Just to do a quick update, yesterday I had to go in for the three hour glucose tolerance test-- and I passed!  Three blood tests later...
Also, we found out yesterday that Reed PASSED THE FLORIDA BAR!!  Woooohoooo!!  Yesterday was an all around great day.  We went to one of our favorite restaurants, GianMarco (sp?), last night to celebrate.  So proud of you, Reed!
I will take pics as the nursery progresses.  Right now I'm super stressed because my house so cluttered.  Getting all the guest room furniture out, and baby furniture in has been quite a project.  We're currently waiting on the electrician to come install the baby's chandelier and the new chandelier for the dining room.  Damn Mr. Electric...  they were supposed to be here hours ago.
I'm out!

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Coley said...

WAY TO GO REED!!!! I'm so happy for you!!! All of your hard work has paid off, congrats!!! xo

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