Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First Day of Freedom (25 Weeks, 2 Days)

Wow! I had such a great day. I'm not trying to brag to those of you who spend your days at the office, but today was so nice! I feel like I got a lot accomplished around here. This morning I picked up the remaining fabric for Chappell's room, got my oil changed and tackled some much needed cleaning and laundry. Later on, Russell and I went to the local art shop and got some supplies to paint pictures for our nurseries. I am so excited-- I grew up painting (in what I like to consider a rather artistic fam) but haven't had the chance lately to dabble in any new projects. I want to paint something to put over the changing table. I haven't decided what to do quite yet but I will include a couple of paintings I found online that I'm taking into consideration... kind of funny considering I hate birds so much! We shall see.

As far as pregnancy goes, things have been progressing quite normally. I hate to jinx myself, but it's been rather uneventful thus far. She kicks and moves around a ton-- and Reed still screams/gasps everytime he feels it. It cracks me up.


Coley said...

I think it's hilarious that you are considering putting birds above Chapp's changing table!!! Won't you be frightened to change her? :-) Anyway - yes I am totally jealous that you get to have a life outside of the office and actually get to feel accomplished and get chores done during the day!! So happy for you and Reed!

Allison said...

Hey Boo I love the pic of the shoes! Very Funny :)

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