Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Dining Room = Complete!

Finally finished the dining room. They put up the new chandelier yesterday!
We've gotten a lot done w/ the nursery. I will put up pics later... the electrician has to come back this afternoon to finish the chandelier- so I'll just wait. We don't have the bedding yet, either, but you'll get an idea from what we've done so far! Exciting :)


Sarah said...

It's gorgeous, Ho! CONGRATS, Reedo! Oh, the life you lead...Can't wait to see the nursery. Tell Al hi!

Allison said...

I didn't see you sitting down long enough to type this. I guess I will have to keep a better eye on you. You are very sneaky. Don't for get all the home work I left for you. Love Ya

P.S. Tell Sarah I say Hi back

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