Wednesday, September 17, 2008

27 Weeks, 4 Days

Here are some pics Big Al sent to me this morning. One of her great friends, Teri Levin, gave us this beautiful crib and bedding. She also gave us tons of new baby clothes, a dresser (coming to bham) and many other baby goodies! This will be Chappell's bed at her grandparents house. It is sooo crazy to see a CRIB in my childhood bedroom!!


Anonymous said...

That crib is GORGEOUS!!! I went Chappell shopping yesterday, but how do you want her monogram? Like the sign you made?

Holland said...

ha you can do it however you want! i'm not really particular. you could even drop the last middle name if it's easier! love you sarrrrrah.

Anonymous said...


I liked one you had with all 4 letters. Though I can't remember what it looked like. One letter was stacked on top of the other, if I recall.

I'll play with the embroidery girl (we've become friends) and decide what I like.

Holland said...

either cwc or cwl?
either one's cool w/ me!
or all 4

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