Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Although I consider myself to be pretty low-maintenance (some of you are laughing right now) kind of girl, there are some things that I feel strongly about splurging on. Those of you who are currently laughing/smirking are probably picturing the Holland who used to be on her father's tab... not the new and improved thrifty H.

To me, you cannot/should not scrimp on:

1) makeup & shampoo
2) seafood/meat (never frozen, always go fresh & don't eat steak unless it's a fillet).
3) toilet paper and diapers - nuff said
4) wine... I'm not a huge snob here, but there's no way I'm drinking a bottle under $15 anymore... that's just asking for a headache.
5) which brings me to my last item: towels and bed linens

I come from a household where sheets and linens are kind of a big deal. It's always talk about thread counts, Italian sheets, brands, etc., etc. I'd say my mom's a huge bedding snob... so I'm feeling a little insecure about my most resent purchase for the house. I've always been a big fan of Shabby Chic, but usually the higher end one... not the version for Target. For a while now I've been eyeing catalogs both online and in print and I still hadn't found anything for our new bed... so when I saw a cute duvet at Target a couple of weeks ago I became interested. I mean, it's a recession... it's trendy to be economical, right?

I got the bedding today and I just hope it's not too scratchy. Otherwise, I think it's cute (and simple, which I like) and will look great once our curtains are hung and I get a few throw pillows.

I feel a little better because I just sent a picture message to my mom and she said, "It's cute- and when you don't like it anymore, just pitch it." You can't pitch handmade, Italian linens!

So, before you judge-- once again... picture with curtains and some throw pillows...
Feedback welcome on this one.


Allison said...

love em! I am a big fan of Target (tarje') linens because I change my mind way too often and get really excited to i love finding a good deal. is another good place to find deals on bedding and curtains.

Holland said...

dangit! i meant to look at overstock.

Coley said...

I love the bedding! Very cute! There is nothing wrong with Target! I agree with Allison, Overstock is the bomb!!! I got my bedroom, living room and dining room curtains there and rods, really good deals and quality stuff! Thanks for sharing! Will you post pics of Chap's room? I really just need to come stay with you! LOVE YOU

Caitlin said...

its nice holly! i actually really like it. im all about simplicity. very good shopping!

Sarah said...

Anthropologie did that exact same duvet a few years ago, and I fell in love. Looks great! Pitch to me when the time comes.

John Reed said...

I think it looks like wet toilet paper.

Holland said...

you are so weird, but that made me laugh.

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