Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Shapin' Up

When Chappell was 6 weeks old, I joined the gym at Watercolor and started making an effort to get back into shape. My efforts were hindered, however, because the gym closed at 8:00pm. Since Reed didn't get home until 7:00pm (in the beginning), this proved to be a problem... Tack on sleepless nights... just a recipe for failure!
SO, I started anew this week. I've realized it's really hard without a partner! In college, when I had this problem I figured out a good way to keep myself going. This sounds really nerdy (or neurotic), but I make charts! I started a spreadsheet where I write down the days of the week, what I do in the gym, and last but not least... my weight. So far, I've gone all week. It's still really hard to find the time, but it has to be done! I've gotta get back to normal or I'm afraid I'm gonna have to get used to this spare tire. Gross. I wonder how long it's going to take.
PS, I know this was a really boring post - and I'm sorry.


Allison said...

i am jealous of your weight loss already and i am really jealous that you are being so good! someday!

Holland said...

wait till you see me. you won't be jealous!

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