Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Around here

All that "new schedule" mumbo jumbo?
It didn't last.
Changing it all up simply proved to be too complicated for my lil' brain. I decided to stick w/ what's been workin' for us for so many months.
The only difference is that her 2 pm bottle is now substituted with food.

While touching on the food topic, things have been moving right along.
The Chapster has been adding some new "table" foods to her growing repertoire over the past week.
Some of these delectable treats are:
  • grits (texture often confuses her at first)
  • chopped strawberries
  • chopped bananas
  • chopped honey dew melon
  • Gerber puffs
... and now I'm drawing a blank...

With only one choking incident under our belt, I suppose we are doing well.

And yes, I almost had a heart attack as I yanked my stunned baby from her highchair, flipped her upside down & administered the baby Heimlich Maneuver... and FYI, other moms, the culprit was a Gerber puff...

There's a definite uneasiness that comes along with (real) solid food.
I have to watch her like a hawk. But like everything else, it's a learning experience... and she's getting better and better!


Family Snodgrass said...

Oh, I totally agree. Real solids freak me out. I still hold on to one end of the puffs.

etalbert715 said...

Awe, little chaps... how bad did the the choking startle her!?

Holland said...

she had been doing really well with the puffs. at first, i broke them up into teeny tiny pieces, but she had since graduated to the whole puff. she feeds them to herself... it was a fluke.
she was fine after she got it up. my parents were here and so was reed. she continued eating afterwards :)

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