Sunday, September 20, 2009

H & R Weekend

Chappell went to spend the night with Mimi & Nanny (my parents) on Saturday.
This meant that Reed and I got to spend some Q T together, sans baby.
Although we miss her very much (it's Sunday night and she's still in P-cola), it's always nice (and healthy) to have a little time alone.
I can't wait to see my--I mean our-- baby again... I'm driving over to Pensacola tomorrow morning.
I'm excited.
I have a dentist appointment.. a hair cut... maybe a smocking lesson or two...
... and finally, I will get to see pictures from Chappell's 8 month photo shoot with Cook Images.
I haven't had time to get over to P-cola since they were taken, and I'm dying to see them.
More later, but here are a few pics of our Saturday afternoon at Bud and Alley's.

9monthsold 026

9monthsold 020

9monthsold 029

9monthsold 023

9monthsold 024

I like purple. What can I say?

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