Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Chappellina is my favorite thing on earth.
She is so happy and active these days... she has a new smile that makes my heart turn to mush.
This smile is so big, her eyes practically close... and her two little teeth are front & center like a jack o' lantern. It's precious.
I have to catch it on camera.

Baby just woke up from a two hour morning nap... 2nd day in a row... I could get used to that extra hour real quick.

My smocking supplies arrived yesterday. The package was so cute; a manila envelope with my name and address hand-written on the front. I think my mom was a little insulted when I told her that the company was really old... "from the early 1980s!"
Ah ha ha ha. Whoops.
I'm little perturbed, however, because three of the smocking plates were back ordered. Including, the two (easier) geometric patterns.

Reed's mom took my sewing machine to be repaired in Dothan.
Hopefully I'll be sewing in the near future.

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