Monday, August 31, 2009

Meg & Bryant's Birthday Bash

This weekend we had another Williams fam jam in honor of Reed's siblings' birthdays.

With four cousins in attendance - all under the age of four - we had a busy, yet fun-filled weekend to say the least.

Chappell enjoyed playing with some random baby in the mirror.

8monthsold 090

"Hi, friend."

8monthsold 091

Loved playing with Brody & Will's dump trucks...

8monthsold 096

Cousin Will, cool as a cucumber, just hangin' on the deck at Limes...

8monthsold 101

Danielle & Mary Parker at Limes...

8monthsold 107

Two cuties - cousins and best friends...

8monthsold 115

Have you ever tried to get four kids to smile all at once?? It's harder than you'd think.

8monthsold 126

Chappell and her Daddy...

8monthsold 141

MP with Emmy & Buddy...

8monthsold 131


8monthsold 154

I wish I had the energy to make this a good, descriptive post - but I just don't!
It's Monday and I'm still hurtin' from this weekend. Luckily, my mom came over to visit today and picked up the slack. It was great to have a little help around the house... moms are great-- she even did my laundry!
Huge treat: I got to run a couple errands by myself! I can't remember the last time that happened...

Again, I apologize for this post. I was up most of the night feeling sick... hopefully I'll be back to my obsessive blogging-self later.

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