Sunday, August 2, 2009

Tooth Fairy Came! and other things...

This weekend we went to Jacksonville.
It was a busy weekend... and after being in the car for seven hours, I am wiped.
Don't expect too much from this post!
Seriously, this is going to be a grammatical mess.
{I should note that even though Jacksonville is only about 4.5 hours from Santa Rosa Beach, the trip was much longer since we had to meet my mom in Fort Walton to get Miss Chappy... and it stormed all the way down I-10}

The sole reason for writing this post is: Chappell got her first tooth today!
Her first little pearly white made its way through the gum line... and I can't believe it.
It's her bottom (left) tooth - or lower left central incisor, as my mom (the dentist's wife) told me over the phone.
Of course she cut her first tooth while I was away. Just my luck, huh?

While I'm writing, I'll go ahead and say that Chappell's pretty mobile these days. She will crawl a few steps forward/backward and rolls all over the place. She can easily get to the sitting position from lying down or the crawling position.

Chappell currently loves to say "baba." We hear a lot of "dadas" and "babas." She has also said "mama." However, I've only heard her say "mama" once or twice. Hopefully she will start using that word more often!
She talks all the time - and it's the cutest thing ever. Looks like Chappell is following in her mama's footsteps... I was constantly in the "chatterbox" at school.

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