Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Getting Excited

This morning I woke up to "mama mama mama mama" on the monitor.
I know I've said it before, and I know I'll say it again - but this stage really is the best. She literally does something new every day.

SO, I'm super-duper-pumped about my BFF Bloom coming to stay with me this weekend. Lizzie and T-Dub (I guess he has a real name, Taylor) are coming Thursday night, and staying through the weekend. This makes me SO happy. We found a babysitter for Saturday night - uh oh, it might get craZay.
I love living closer to my family, but it's been really hard being away from all of my close friends... so visits like this are a must!

wedding pic

melizzie aub


Heather said...

Oh my gosh I made your blog! And that is one of my favorite pictures ever! I didn't know you met Reed that day... Awww this just made my day! Super cute! Have fun with Bloom this weekend.

Holland said...

yeah, heat! that was so much fun at y'alls tailgate. yup. it was the day we met... i was super hungover and rude to my future husband. life is funny...

Sarah said...

Jealous! Well, Heather's coming here, so I get a taste too. Wish we could all be together though. Have fun! Go Chapps, BTW!

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