Monday, August 17, 2009

Back to Bama

I say this almost every Monday - but - what a weekend!
This glorious weekend, we went back to Birmingham (for the 1st time) for JuJu and David's wedding. We had a lot to do, and a lot of people to see... needless to say, the trip was a whirlwind...

We left Santa Rosa around 11 o'clock on Friday. Much to our surprise, Chappell did extremely well on the drive up. I brought an arsenal of toys in anticipation... as she played... we kept on a-drivin', and we only stopped once. Is that child abuse? She seemed happy so we didn't feel the need to stop. Her cheery attitude finally faded, however, about 20 minutes south of Birmingham. So we decided to make a pit stop at the Summit - and Banana Republic brought her back to life!

After our quick trip to the Summit, we headed over to Marlee's house. Marlee is one of my dear KD friends from Alabama. She has a six month old baby girl, Eleanor... we have a lot in common these days.
Chappell and Eleanor ate a lovely dinner of squash and fruit together. Chappell loved Marla's home grown sun flowers. Like most things, she wanted to eat them.

8monthsold 007

8monthsold 003

Eleanor loved her new hat from Miss Chappy.

8monthsold 002

Some of my favorite peeps (Heather, Mags, Caitlin, Russell & her fam, Hunter, Wes, Stuart & Anna Belle, Charla & Andrew) came over to Marlee and William's for a cook out. Blue cheese burgers... um, yum!

8monthsold 009

Chappy and Baby Julia had some quality bonding time before Chappell had to turn in for the night. They shared toys, a quilt, and even a bottle.

On Saturday, we visited Reed's cousin Ginna and her family. Ginna took some adorable pictures of Chappy with her cousins, Rhett, Buddy & Laura Lacy.
*As soon as I download the pictures I will post them.

After our visit with the Gardners, we decided to hit up one of our most favorite places for lunch: Nabeels. It's about a block away from our old house, and I can't tell you how many times Reed and I went there. Ugh... it's too sad to think about.

Since we were meeting a few of our friends at Nabeels, and were running a little early, we decided to drive by our old house... I snapped this picture through the window, then decided I should take another one, sans glass. As I held the camera up to my face, the current owners walked out the front door and caught me red handed. It was a little awkward. I'm secretly glad it happened, anyways, because I got to go inside. I realized that I miss that house, and I really, REALLY miss my chandelier.
PS: I think the house misses me and my cute window boxes. :(

8monthsold 010

Here are a few pics from Nabeels. ReeRee AKA Daddy thought that Chappell would enjoy chewing on a (seedless) lemon...

8monthsold 014

and she did, until it got in her eyes. Poor baybay!

8monthsold 015

Hunter Chapman joined us for lunch - and I finally got to meet baby Sims! He's such a sweet baby... he slept through almost the entire lunch. How I miss those days...

8monthsold 017

When we got back to the house, Chappell took a nap. When she woke up, she had a play date with Marlee's golden retriever, Jayber. He licked her head until her hair was soaking wet. Although it was icky to watch, I didn't intervene because she was cracking up the entire time.

8monthsold 019

She loved that dog!

8monthsold 023

I mean... this is pure bliss. I'm a little sad to say it, but I think dogs are in our future. The entire time, Reed kept saying, "I can't wait to get her a dog."

8monthsold 025

8monthsold 028

Eleanor woke up from her nap and the babies held hands...

8monthsold 039

Look at Chappell's face. My mom says she looks like Reed when I get "on to him." Ahahah, she's so right. I should add, however, that this isn't often.

8monthsold 044

Saturday night, we went to JuJu and David's wedding. JuJu, you looked incredible and the reception was beautiful! We had a great time. I don't have any pictures, because I would've looked like I was a part of the photography crew with my dad's big ole' camera bag.
After the reception, we headed back to Marlee's, and hit the hay.
Sunday, we were all ready to to pack it up and drive home when we saw that tropical storm Claudette would be hitting our house around 4 pm. Since we didn't think we would make it home before the storm hit, we decided to spend the night with Reed's parents in Ozark. Although unexpected, we had a good time. We drove to Dothan Sunday night for dinner with Bryant and Danielle.
Here are some pictures from Sunday night at Bryant and Danielle's new casa in Dothan.

Chappell and Emmy...

8monthsold 053

Mary Parker and Buddy...

8monthsold 055

Brody playing some kick ball (?)...

8monthsold 058

A little floor time for the girls...

8monthsold 070

All in all - Great weekend.
I'd be lying if I said I didn't cry. I miss B-ham and our friends so much!


Caitlin said...

i made the blog!! so glad i got to see yall, though it was waaaay too short of a visit.

Anonymous said...

I have got to make this damn blog. So jealous! Ok, love the pic of Reed and Chappell sitting on the floor--so cute. And he sound like Rhett Butler--"We're going to get Bonnie the finest pony in all of Charleston!"

Patricia said...

I know exactly what it's like to miss me some Birmingham!!! Looks like Chappell already is a popular many friends! :)

Holland said...

About Bham, I didn't know what I was leaving! Chappy has so many baby friends there, I'm just glad we got to see them. Caity, I'm so glad I got to see you even for a bit. And Sarah... I'm screwed with this dog thing!

Heather said...

I have to say I am SUPER excited to make my second appearance on your blog. It just made my day! I hope you enjoyed the facebook album of Chaps and Jules. I am sending all those pics to you now...keep a look out for them. LOVED seeing you. Motherhood is so for you. LOVE

Coley said...

I haven't made the blog yet either!!! Maybe if we meet up Sunday?? I love the pic of E and C holding hands, so delicious!

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