Monday, August 24, 2009

High School Gals Reunion & more

Monday fatigue, check.
Moldy coffee maker, check...

Why do I always forget to clean out the coffee maker? Especially when I need it most? Who knows, oh the irony...
Speaking of coffee makers, I need to get Marlee's Keurig... it's a nifty single cup coffee maker. That would be perfecto and would solve all of my problems.

We spent our weekend in Grayton Beach with all of my high school gal pals and their significant others. We shopped around, some hung at the beach (not me, surprised?)... and the guys played golf at Camp Creek.

*Chappelina decided that she didn't want to hang out with her dumb parents and spent the weekend at Bay Point with Buddy & Emily instead.

Mary Carolyn arrived Thursday afternoon around 5 o'clock. After unloading all of our stuff (and Chaps de-pearling MC's pearl necklace), MC and I headed over to the Caliza Restaurant at Alys Beach for dinner. Reed (again: best father/husband ever), took Chappell to Hurricane Oyster Bar for daddy/daughter date night so we could have a girls-only dinner.
The atmosphere at the Caliza restaurant (and pool) is incredible. It doesn't seem possible that you are in fact in the panhandle of Florida. It looks/feels like the Mediterranean.

Later Thursday night and throughout Friday, the rest of the gang trickled in. It's funny.
Things never change with this group. We can go months & months without getting together and the dynamics's always the same. It's so comfortable - I love that.

You know the drill. Friday night, Reed cooked a low country shrimp boil for the group. Followed by Catchphrase. Good times.
Saturday night, we all went to Stinky's Fish Camp for dinner. It seems that Stinky's is becoming our favorite go-to place for large groups. It's casual dining, isn't too quiet - and the food's awesome. And whoosh - their fried green tomatoes w/ crawfish on top... incredible!

Sunday we were so excited to pick Chappell up from her grandparents. I really miss her when she's away over night. I know it's something we need to do once in a while, but I hate being away from her.
When we picked her up... we had another poop situation on our hands...
I will leave you begging for more...

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