Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My kid's stinkin' hilarious

Chappy has a little cold. Or congestion from teething. Who knows.
So, for the past day or so I've been torturing my child with a can of Simply Saline and a big green bulb syringe. I must say, the combo is genius. I won't go into detail.
She gets so mad that I have to pin her little arms down while she kicks and screams and flails her head from left to right. Then, two minutes later when she realizes that she is breathing clearly... something clicks in her little brain and she's not mad at me anymore.

Two funny things (to me, at least):

1) Yesterday afternoon we were playing with toys on the floor in our bedroom.
All of a sudden, Chappell turns around (360), and crawls right through the door... back into the den... straight to the TV. I forgot to turn off Sesame Street and apparently I'm not cool like Elmo.

2) A few minutes ago, Chappell pulled up on a piece of furniture! She went after a bottle of sunscreen that was on top of an ottoman. Why haven't I baby proofed? What am I waiting for?
I just can't seem to accept that this *toddler thing is happening right before my eyes!

* I understand that Chappell is not a toddler. We have a few months.

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