Thursday, August 6, 2009

Nap Time D-Rama

SO, we all know from the (adorable) pictures a few posts ago that Miss Chappell has become quite mobile.

She is crawling now and can go from lying down to sitting in about two seconds flat. I thought this was pretty awesome, and was oh-so proud, until I realized the problems this progression and new-found (word?) mobility has caused.
I must tell you that nap time has become quite a challenge around here.
This is a problem, because I love nap time. It's my alone time. It's when I check e-mail, clean, or just sit by myself... the list goes on and on.
Now that Chappell can sit up on her own, this little gal has realized that she doesn't have to nap when I put her down.
And unless she is really, really tired - she usually chooses to play.

So, in response to this new development, a new routine has evolved.

It goes like this:
1) Put Chappell in crib. Offer lovie. For those of you who aren't parents or just don't know, a lovie is basically a small blanket with a stuffed animal's head attached to the corner. Weird concept, I know.
2) Cover her body with thin receiving blanket (I'm still paranoid), rub her head and leave.
3) 15 minutes go by. I watch the monitor as she plays and talks up a storm. I'm serious, A STORM.
4) Return to room, place Chappell on her back.

This is driving me crazy. It used to be so easy. I'd put her down... and off to dreamland/ville she'd go. Thankfully, this is just a daytime issue. This has been going on for a few days now and I'm not sure what the best action is to take. Leave her up there to play until she crashes?

Advice is welcome on this one. Help a girl out.

*Ironically, as I finish this post, baby G is finally fast asleep.
* Also wanted to note that Chaps ate green beans w/ rice today for the first time. She didn't seem to mind them. Finally, a green veggie!


Kelly said...

Hey Holland. I didn't go through this with Anna Reese, but I think I would probably leave her up there to play and then go to sleep. That will keep the "well if I cry, mommy will come get me" mind set away. Hope this helps! I'm sure it's just a phase. She'll get thru it. She just doesn't want to miss out on all the fun :)

Holland said...

Thanks, Kelly!
I agree. I think that's the route we should take. It got a little better over the weekend - but ya never know with this gal.
Wish us luck!

Caitlin said...

im not a mom, as you are aware, but i have been watching julia quite a bit recently. it seems that russell leaves her in there and she can either play or sleep...which, as kelly (above) has mentioned, usually turns to sleep. russell is not the most traditional mommy, but this seems to work very well.

Holland said...

thanks for the advice, caity! i do leave her in there, but the problem is, if she doesn't fall asleep - she ends up very cranky later on in the day. today has been much better so far.

Family Snodgrass said...

I would totally agree that you should just leave her in there. The more you enter the room, the more stimuli she has to keep her awake. Even if she plays for a while, she'll eventually get bored and tired and go to sleep! Good luck!

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