Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Emily's Onesie Couture

Today was Chappell's first official modeling gig!
My friend Emily recently decided to start a little side business, Onesie Couture. She makes adorable onesies and matching burp cloths -- yesterday I received a call saying that we could have a free onesie if Chaps would model for a few pictures. It was our (Chappell's) pleasure.
Here's Chappell in the Kate Spade onesie:

Onesie Collage


etalbert715 said...

Precious little model... thanks again for the pics!!! I think she needs an agent! :)

Sarah said...

So precious! Emily, those are adorable!

Margaret Leigh said...

i miss my little chapster. looking a lot like reed in these photos. who was the photog? well done. cute clothes, emily.

Coley said...

Wow - what a gorgeous child!! And I LOVE the onesie!!!

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