Thursday, September 3, 2009

Before we skip town

Oh, poor blog.
How I've ignored thee.

Chappell is currently fighting her third nap of the day.
I've been trying to back her up to two long naps a day, but today proved that we simply aren't there yet.
{Two minutes later, I check the monitor, to see that Cha Cha's asleep-- yes!}

After Chappell's morning nap, we ventured over to Destin for a little play-date. However, since baybay only slept for an hour and twenty minutes this a.m., she got cranky after a couple of hours, and we were forced to dip out a little early.
Since getting back to the house (after a brief trip to Chick Fil-A - yum), I've been trying to get organized for our trip this weekend. We're going to Callaway Gardens for Reed's cousin's wedding. Although I know the weekend will be fun, I'm not exactly looking forward to a 5 hour car ride with the Chapster. Our trip to Birmingham was fine, but I was walkin' on eggshells the entire time. Long car rides with young children are simply not ideal.
Please cross your fingers, pray, whatever --- that this car ride goes smoothly.
Or I'm not coming back. At least in the car - I'll fly.

Since we'll be all the way up in Georgia, we've decided to spend the night with sister Smith (in Atlanta) on Sunday. I couldn't be more excited!
And, since most of our friends are going to the Bama-VA Tech game in ATL, we'll get to see a few of them on Sunday. Works out well all around...

So what else has been new around here? Lemme see...

Chappell's found a new love: YoBaby Yogurt. Keeps her regular. Nice. Probiotics work wonders.

Chapps crawls all over the place. It's so funny to me... still. I just put her down in the kitchen while I do my thing-- and she just follows me around. She's pulling up... and I absolutely hate it. Is that bad? It freaks me out. I know big spills are in our future. Eeeeek!

And two random suggestions/thoughts O' the day:

1) I don't know why I didn't try Target brand diapers sooner. So many moms that I know (and respect) have told me that they are great. Despite the fact that I possessed this knowledge (until now)-- I've stuck with Pampers or Huggies. I finally took the plunge and purchased some size 4 Target diapers on Sunday... and tried them out this afternoon.
And guess what? So far, so good! The polka dot design is super cute, too!
I'll give you my final opinion when YoBaby works its magic tomorrow.

2) Remember Nguyen has some great deals online.
{Funny name, I know. It's pronounced "Remember When." If you figured that out yourself, I apologize.}
Until I learn how to smock myself... this is a great resource. The trick is to buy ahead. I just bought Chappell six smocked dresses/rompers for $100.

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