Friday, September 25, 2009

Fu fu fu fall

Thank the Lord up above for Fall. It must be coming soon, right?
I am so ready for it to cool down, I can't stand it.
It's the same for me every year.
While last year was much worse (tippin' the scales and very, very pregnant), I can't wait for the day I step outside and don't immediately perspire. I can't figure out why I continue to do my hair and makeup (sometimes) living in this humid jungle.

I think it was around a year ago when I last attempted to force fall with my wardrobe. I put on my brand new Gap Maternity (ooh la la) sweater dress and Uggs.
I thought I was lookin' mighty stylish... for a whale, that is.
Until I almost expired outside the hospital on a public bench.


It's so hot.

And what's the date? September 25th? Who would know?

Lately (to escape the confines of my home), we've been having a lot of fun playing on a quilt in the shaded part of our yard...
However, last night our neighbor informed us that she's seen a lot of rattle snakes (around our house) since the monsoon season began.
We'll have to find a new activity.

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