Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Chappy does GA

We are so lucky. There's nothing else I can say. But seriously, the entire trip up, Reed and I kept looking at each other and knocking on wood. How could it be so easy?
Chappell was absolutely delightful the entire (5 hour) ride to (and from) Georgia this weekend.
We left Friday around 11 o'clock. With Chappell fed and diapered, the plan was to drive until we encountered a problem. Chappell played, babbled and napped.
We stopped once, at some broken down gas station outside of Auburn, AL. Reed changed a poopy diaper in a patch of grass. I mention this because, as I finished preparing Chappy's bottle, I turned to find my child crawling away in some random field with poo on her bare bottom.
Ay yi yi.
We arrived in Pine Mountain, GA (where Callaway Gardens is located) around 5 pm.
Friday and Saturday were consumed with the normal wedding activities - rehearsal dinner, bridesmaid's luncheon and of course, the big shebang.
The ceremony site and reception were both beautiful.
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Sunday morning we headed over to ATL to visit sista Smith. We booted her to the couch and took over her room. Thanks Smitty so much for letting us sleep over!
We spent the afternoon strolling around Virginia Highlands and eating gelato.
Sunday night we put Chappell to bed and went out to dinner. We figured she'd be fine.
I'm funny, huh...
Collier, Smith's sweet roomate babysat for us. Since I was seriously craving sushi, we went to Twist at Phipps Plaza. I know this is probably the equivalent of Ruby Tuesdays at the mall for all you Atlanta natives... but it's a treat for me!
Love that place.

Chappell was great on the car ride back, despite having a minor stomach bug. She had the big D four times on Monday. This is rare for my constipated child, so we were a little freaked out. Last night was spent on the phone w/ my mother and spoon feeding Pedialyte as Chappell watched daddy dance an entertaining jig. Good times.
Today her tummy seemed to be better. Only one BM.
What would all of you do without hearing all about my daughter's gastric issues??

Other news: Chappell started waving yesterday. She waves in response to "hi" or "bye."
She has the cutest wave... I can admit that I'm pathetic. I know...
It's so exciting to have physical communicative interaction to go along with all of the babbling!
It just keeps getting better and better!

Tomorrow's Chappell's 9 month checkup. More on that soon!
8monthsold 174
Th th th that's all, folks!

I'm thinking Williams family Christmas card 2K9?


Family Snodgrass said...

She looks JUST like Reed in that picture of the two of them!

Heather said...

So you stopped at some broken down gas station outside of auburn... yep that actually sounds right for my neck of the woods. haha!

Holland said...

i mean, do ya'll not think that's the most hilarious picture ever? the one at the end?
haha and heather, i don't think we were to opelika yet!?

Sarah Waters said...

Good post. Bad choice with Twist. You're right, I'm disappointed. Besides that, sounds like a good weekend. I wish I was here to see you!

Holland said...

i like twist AND prime!

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