Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Blue Angels Weekend

Pensacolians look forward to Blue Angels weekend all year. Sort of like Christmas. To accurately describe this event, you could say it's probably hands-down, the biggest redneck party of all time. And it's in the water! Even better, right?? It should come as absolutely no surprise if you happen to see this floating by...Everyone gets up at 6:00 in the morning and hurries to the Sabine to claim their spot in the water. Beers are cracked at 8 o'clock... that's Blue Angels weekend.

I think Reed suffered from a bit of a culture shock his first time. But now (I think) it's one of his most favorite P-cola events. If you can get past the fact that everyone (yes, everyone) is peeing in the water and you're going to see a few delusional women in thong bathing suits... it's a great time. We went on the McMahon's boat and had an absolute blast! Yum... did we really finish three Chick-fil-A trays? Lordy, Lordy...
Seeing this never gets old:

I'm going to go ahead and bring on the cheese... it makes you feel proud to be an American!


Allison said...

And proud to be from Pensacola!

Holland said...

yeah, i'd say that too.

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