Sunday, July 12, 2009

New Trick

Over the weekend, Chappell learned a new lil' trick! If she gets good enough, this new skill will surely help me out...
Chaps learned how to give herself a bottle!
Here is a pic of Chaps willing the bottle towards her mouth and milk mustache...

Ahhhh, contact!

She was totally proud of herself. Heck, I was pretty proud of her, too!

Going back for more.

PS: If these pictures look a little weird, it's probably because I had to use iPhoto's red eye remover. It looks a little weird. As they often do, this milestone caught me a little off guard. Luckily, I saw a camera on my sister's nightstand and managed to catch the moment on film. Well... not film. Digital media?

I didn't exactly know how to use it.

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