Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Where we are...

The picture above is me at 6 months old. Below, is Chappell at 6 months.
What do you think?
I need to get some of Reed's baby pictures. Then you'll be able to make an informed decision. Ha!
Trust me... if you saw them, you'd know that she looks just like her mama!
A friend of mine, Hunter, was jogging my memory this morning about some baby milestones (when they happened, etc.) and it was so great to be able to look back at my previous posts. Otherwise (sadly), I would already be confused. So much has happened, and it's really hard to remember the past once you've moved on to the next stage.
This inspired me to write a detailed account of what Chappy-baby can do. I'm warning you, this will be boring for anyone else besides me. So just go ahead and skip if you want to.

1) Chappell continues to say "dada." Sometimes I think this is with intent, sometimes not. She's said it to Reed before, but a lot of times she will say it to me. It's her favorite sound thus far... and she really thinks we are having a conversation when she starts to babble. "Mama" has only happened once or twice in a slur of other babbles. So it totally doesn't count.
2) Chappell is still toothless. I love her big gummy grin and I'm not in any hurry to see her teeth. She will seem so much older.
3) Chappy rolls all over the place. She rolls both ways with ease. She will roll all the way across the floor of our room to get to a toy if she wants it bad enough.
4) Still not crawling. She's scooting and gets into the crawling position. Once in the crawling position, she will move her legs maybe one time... then stop trying to move, or roll over onto her back. We're getting there.
5) She can sit up un-assisted for long periods of time. She will sit and play by herself forever. Loves it. Or at least until she gets lazy (or twists her head too far around to look at something/someone) and tips over.
6) Sleeping 12-13 hours each night with (usually) three 1-2 hour naps.
7) Wearing mostly 9 month clothes. Can still fit into the 6 month stuff but who knows how much longer. Wearing size 3 diapers.
8) Anyone still reading. Probably not.
9) Loves peekaboo, playing with her ring set, all Lamaze toys, rattles... or anything else she can get her hands on. She likes feeding herself at the end of her bottle. Has a huge fascination with Diet Coke cans for some reason. Loves ice water. Loves anything she can get her hands on in a restaurant.

Tomorrow kicks off another busy weekend.
After Chappell's 8 o'clock bottle, we're going to head over to P-cola. I'm dropping Chappell off with my mother (for the night) so I can go to Point Clear, AL to hang out with one of my most bestest bestest pals, Mary Hunter. I'm super excited. I think we are going out to dinner in downtown Fairhope - and I just received a text message about pedicures. Sounds perfect to me! This is much needed girl time.
(Me and Hunter in Florence)

Friday, I will head back over to Pensacola to help Smith get ready for her big debut on Sunday. Her photo shoot went really well (on Monday), and the website should be up very soon.
Who knows, it could be up now?
I think I'm going to be manning the front desk at her show. Soooo... I will have some work to do once I get there. Can't wait!

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Anonymous said...

I'm so jealous!!! Y'all have so much fun and don't forget about me :)

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