Wednesday, July 15, 2009

No more pacis :(

I can't believe I forgot to document this! At least for my own sake...
Chappell stopped taking a pacifier about a week ago. For the last month, she's seemed to enjoy sucking on her fingers more than the paci... but now she tightens her lips and spits her paci out. Weird?
Oh well.
So, I washed all the pacifiers (that I could find) and put them away.
Which leads me to another question, can pacifiers be re-used? For another baby?

This makes me kind of sad... it's going by so fast.


Lindsey Henig said...

Ugh, I thought about that the otherday! It will be so sad when he spits his out, never to want it again. But I think that is really good for you beccause so many parents say that taking away the paci is the most dramatic thing ever. Yay, Chappellina! Hey, also, what kind of camera do you have? I think I need a new one...Your pictures are amazing/ your baby is extra-cuddleable, so I'm sure that helps.

Patricia said...

Holland, Chappell is soooooo pretty!!! I want to meet her in person!

Holland said...

Thanks so much, Patricia & Lindsey!
I've been using my dad's Canon (digital) Rebel. I looooove it. He said I could borrow it for a while since he has a little camera that he takes to events, etc. When I have to give it back, I will have to buy one!

Anonymous said...

Sorry I haven't been posting lately, but I've been reading.
I can't wait to see Smithers' clothes!!! So exciting for her! I need to get together with her. Chapps is so sweet. I wish yall were home last weekend. I'll return soon, but that drive sucks! But I'm sure the Williams girls will be visiting Atlanta often perty soon.

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