Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Someone's taking over...

What's happened to my floor?

living room 7.14.09

We somehow avoided our first real tragedy today. I must say it scared the _ _ _ _ out of me. Feel free to insert your own four letter word.

Chappell decided to do a nose dive over my knee, towards the leg of our coffee table. Some sort of mother-ish instinct must've (not a real word or contraction) kicked in because I caught her {maybe} a millisecond before she hit it. I don't know how I caught her. Honestly, I wasn't paying close enough attention. I had pillows surrounding the blanket... and I thought my leg was blocking her from the one danger: the coffee table. I was writing a note.

That was a close one.

We're going to start the baby-proofing very soon!



Family Snodgrass said...

Yes, your floor looks remarkably like ours! :) We've wrapped socks around our dangerous coffee table legs. It's terribly attractive.

Holland said...

hey you have to do... what you have to do. it's so scary now that they have the potential to hurt themselves!
that's a good idea by the way.

Kelly said...

Oh, get ready girls! Anna Reese plows through everything these days. She had a huge bruise on her head last week. There are many boo boos to come, no matter how much baby proofing you do :)

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