Monday, July 20, 2009

A weekend at home

Alas! We stayed home this weekend! It was soo nice to sleep in our own bed/crib and live out of our closets - not suitcases!
Friday night we kicked off the weekend with a trip to Publix. We decided to ditch our diet for the evening (I've been cheating a lot lately... oops) and cooked a lovely seafood dinner. We popped a bottle of cheap bubbly (that was actually quite delish) and dined on lobster tails, scallops, asparagus & fresh tomatoes. It was quite relaxing & extremely tasty. I was way too tired to stay up and watch a movie. I crashed. When we eventually watched Bride Wars (on Saturday) I was rather disappointed... it was probably the worst movie I've ever seen. I mean it. It wasn't even cute. It was just dumb. This movie brings shame to click flicks everywhere. Don't rent Bride Wars!

Anywho, on Saturday we drove into Destin to run various errands. We finally bought a roman shade to cover the window on/in our front door. This was a huge relief because it seems like the lawn people come almost every day, and I'm sick of the awkward eye contact that occurs quite frequently. It's creepy and I haven't been diggin' it. I must add that Reed and I are very lucky to still be on speaking terms and happily married after the hanging of this said shade. Reed, I am vowing here (with witnesses) to never get involved with one of your around-the-house-projects... ever again.
Even if you ask me to. And I know you will. You always do.
Love you! :)
Saturday afternoon we went over to the beach house to hang out with my sister, Lyle, and her family. It was great to see baby Iain play w/ his little cousin Chappell. I can't wait to get to Pensacola later in the week for more play time. Saturday evening we wasted our brain cells on Bride Wars. I think I mentioned that earlier.

We planned on going to church, but I changed my mind when our alarms went off way too early. We met Reed's parents for a late lunch near Bay Point, and then went back to the beach house to see my sister.
What a busy weekend!

So, today I received a call from Chappell's future pre-school saying they have a spot for her. The kind-of-bad-news is that in order for her to have a spot for her grade, we'll have to reserve it starting this session (end of August). I want her to start going two days a week when she turns one, to meet other babies... not now!
BUT, if I wait to enroll her later, she might not get a spot. There is a waiting list for the "ones" classroom. Basically, this means we have to start paying tuition in August... even though she won't be attending school until December or January. The nice thing is, if I ever have a doctors appointment... or something else to do, I can take her there. It will be paid for!

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