Thursday, July 9, 2009

Home Again

Chappell and I ventured over to Pensacola Wednesday morning to hang out w/ the fam. There's so much going on in our little Sinrod-world right now, and I guess you could say I wanted to be in on some of the action. Where shall I begin?
Today began with a little bit of therapy. At least my version of therapy... and luckily much cheaper than the real kind! I had a haircut with my miracle worker, Tommy. He's been cutting my hair since I was a sophomore in college (recommended by a dear T-Town friend), and I totally lucked out when he moved to Pensacola after I graduated. Now I just make a point to come home every 5-6 weeks!
My sister, Smith, is starting a clothing line. Her line, Smitten by Smith, is making its formal debut on July 26th at the Lee House in Pensacola. Let's just say it's been a little busy around here. Smith's been working on tying up loose ends with runway equipment, web site layout, business licenses, credit card machines, copyrights, models, photo shoots and last minute alterations... it's kept us pretty occupied. I can't say that I've done much, but even hearing/witnessing all of this is rather exhausting. If you call my cell phone any time soon, I probably won't answer because I'm a-workin' in the Sinrod-Sista-Sweatshop. There will be much more to come on Smitten in upcoming weeks!
I'm about to fall asleep with the computer in my lap. It's 10:48 pm and I feel like I've run a marathon. Hardly. But I have done something almost as rigorous.
Bathing suit shopping.
There's not much on this earth that I hate more. However, one cannot be seen in public wearing a maternity swim suit 7 months post-partum. So, four trips to Dillards and one freaked out sales lady... and I have a suit. It's not my style at all... but it covers my stomach... so I'm pleased.

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