Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Dresser Facelift

This chest of drawers originally belonged to Reed's dad.
After surviving the wild & crazy seventies at the Sigma Chi house, it was eventually passed down to Reed. This poor dresser then went on to live at the SAE house at Birmingham Southern, where I am sure it witnessed even more mayhem.
It continued to hold on throughout the law school years... and then found its final resting place in our garage. This is one of those "bachelor" pieces that didn't quite make it inside once we moved into our first home.
I took pity on the pitiful chest of drawers and decided to paint it. It now sits on some prime real estate in our kitchen. Lucky dresser, huh?

Once I find some cool knobs or pulls I will consider it a job well done!


etalbert715 said...

I love the color... it looks great with the blue plates about it!!

Sarah said...

I love it!!! Go to Anthropologie for hardware.

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