Monday, July 6, 2009

Our First Videos: Babbling

Please don't make fun of me for prompting her! I know I sound like a fool.

She wasn't really diggin' the talking thing since we'd been chatting for a while on the real video camera. I was just trying to get her to make some sounds to send to my mom, via text.

She was just ready to play with my body pillow, "Lester." She loves him. And yes, his name is Lester. Reed & I named him since it's like having another person in the bed with us every night.

Man, I sound like a freak!!


Allison said...

I loive it!! But if I were you I would spend all day every day saying "ma ma" over and over again in hopes of getting her to say it! And she is much more definite about the way she says it than Riley is. Can she sit up by herself...I mean go from laying down to sitting up?

Holland said...

i wish i knew how to upload from our real video camera-- it is so clear and she's hammin' it up. yes, she can sit up by herself, but can't get up from laying on her back.

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